Governance 2.0

A New Chapter for Orion

Welcome to Orion's innovative leap into Governance 2.0, a paradigm shift in how community interaction and influence are shaped within our ecosystem. We are building a resilient future that rewards commitment and ensures that every voice can contribute to Orion's enduring success.

Why Governance 2.0?

Orion has always been at the forefront of innovation in the DeFi space. Governance 2.0 is our response to the evolving needs of our community and the market. It's a testament to our commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and reward for dedication. This overhaul is not just an update; it's a reimagining of how a protocol can empower its supporters.

The Role of veORN in Orion's Governance

Central to Governance 2.0 is veORN, a non-transferrable token that represents your locked ORN, equating to your voting power and influence within Orion. While veORN's initial use is for voting on liquidity pools, it's crafted to adapt and expand along with Orion, potentially unlocking new governance capabilities as the protocol evolves.

Navigating Orion's Governance Galaxy

In Orion's expansive galaxy, your role goes beyond mere participation. Think of ORN as the fuel for your spacecraft, propelling your journey and translating into veORN, which symbolizes your influence and voting power. The commitment of ORN fuel and the duration of your journey determine your spacecraft's influence, shaping your governance impact within Orion.

Fairness in Reward Distribution

Governance 2.0 introduces a sophisticated reward system, reflecting the scale and depth of your engagement with Orion. Whether your journey is brief or extended, the rewards align with your level of commitment, favoring those dedicated to Orion's long-term mission. The system's formulas, governing the conversion from ORN to veORN and its subsequent decay, ensure a balanced ecosystem where rewards are aligned with sustained participation, negating any shortcuts to inflated rewards. It's the depth and longevity of your engagement with Orion that amplifies your rewards.

A Success Story Inspired by the Curve Wars

The strategic battles fought within Curve's ecosystem, known as the "Curve Wars," illustrated how a governance token could significantly impact a protocol's trajectory and token utility. Orion's Governance 2.0 draws inspiration from this narrative, embodying the same spirit of engagement and competition that benefited CRV holders and the protocol itself.

Embracing Dynamic Governance

As we move forward with Governance 2.0, we are enthusiastic about witnessing the community's active involvement and decision-making in shaping the protocol's future. Your commitment, engagement, and strategic decisions are pivotal in propelling Orion towards new heights of success.

We invite you to be an integral part of this journey. In Orion's Governance 2.0, your participation extends beyond token ownership; it signifies your active role in our collective future. Let's delve into the mechanics of Governance 2.0 and embark on this exciting new chapter together.

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