Transition Guide: From Governance 1.0 to Governance 2.0

Embracing an Upgraded Governance Mechanism

As we pave the way for a more sustainable and empowered community within Orion, we announce the deprecation of Governance 1.0. This transition guide is designed to assist you in the process of unstaking from the legacy governance system and taking the necessary steps to stake under the new, robust Governance 2.0 framework.

With the launch of Governance 2.0, Orion is reinforcing its commitment to a decentralized and community-driven future. To align with this vision, it is imperative for our users to migrate their stakes to continue participating in governance decisions, earn rewards, and contribute to the protocol's growth and stability.

Follow this guide to navigate the transition smoothly and secure your place in Orion's new era of governance.

Unstaking from Governance 1.0

  1. Go to "Old Governance", a menu item only displayed to Governance 1.0 stakers:

  1. Ensure that are your votes for pools (under "My Votes") are set to zero (0) ORN, as such:

To set a vote to zero (0), click on the pool and input 0 ORN as a vote:

  1. Go to "Unstake token":

  1. Select "100%" to unstake 100% of your staked ORN:

  1. Click "Unstake ORN":

  1. Once the "Unstake ORN" transaction is completed, click on "Withdraw ____ ORN now". A nominal fee of 0.1% will be taken, but such fee will be offset with higher APRs under Governance 2.0.

  1. Your ORN under Governance 1.0 is now unstaked. Proceed to Staking and Locking ORN under Governance 2.0.

  2. Last but not least, don't forget to claim any outstanding rewards from Governance 1.0!

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