Rewards Distribution

Reaping the Benefits of Your Participation

In Orion, rewards distribution is a crucial aspect of your involvement in the protocol's governance. This section serves as your guide to understanding how rewards are calculated, claimed, and potentially reinvested to enhance your future influence and benefits.

Understanding Rewards

Orion's rewards system is designed to equitably distribute gains based on your influence (veORN), the decisions you make during governance voting, and the duration of your engagement with the protocol.

Claiming Your Rewards

To claim your rewards:

  1. Access the Rewards Dashboard: Connect your wallet to view the rewards accumulated from your staking and voting activities.

  2. Claim Reward: Confirm the action to move your accumulated rewards into your wallet.

  3. Option to Recommit: Consider recommitting your rewards to increase your future staking, enhancing both your rewards and influence in Orion.

The Formulas

The distribution of rewards in Orion is governed by specific formulas:

  • ORN-to-veORN Conversion: This formula determines your initial veORN based on the amount of ORN staked and the length of the lock-up period, favoring longer commitments with greater influence.

  • veORN Decay Mechanism: Over time, veORN naturally decreases, symbolizing the ongoing consumption of your commitment. This encourages continuous engagement and opens opportunities for new participants to gain influence.

Reflecting Your Strategic Choices

The rewards you receive are a direct reflection of your strategic choices, risk appetite, and the length of your commitment. They represent the tangible benefits of your active role in Orion's exploration of decentralized finance.

The Bigger Picture of Success

Success in Orion is measured not only by the rewards you collect but also by the extent of your influence. These elements together form the foundation of your prosperity and contribute to Orion's overall growth.

About Rewards

We believe in transparency regarding the nature of rewards. The APRs presented at the time of your stake are indicators of potential returns, not fixed guarantees. Our vision is to eventually sustain rewards solely through protocol revenue. However, as we continue to build and grow, we are temporarily supplementing these rewards from our marketing budget. This approach allows us to offer competitive returns while fostering the protocol's development.

It's important to understand that for the time being, while incentives are managed by the DAO and not fully automated by smart contracts, rewards are subject to adjustments based on various factors. We are committed to continuously monitoring and evaluating the reward structure, taking into account market conditions, protocol volume, and product adoption growth. Initially, this flexibility ensures we can adapt and make decisions that are in the best interest of the community and Orion’s long-term success.

As we progress, our goal is to align rewards more closely with the protocol's organic revenue, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous ecosystem for all participants.

Fueling Growth and Innovation

The efficient distribution of rewards within Orion acts as the driving force behind its growth, innovation, and community participation. As you progress in your journey, remember that your decisions, staking, and votes are instrumental in making Orion a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

Stay engaged, reap your rewards, and continue to play a pivotal role in Orion's expansive journey through the world of decentralized finance.

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