Atomic Transactions (Bridge info)

Atomic swaps on Orion and what is involved.

What is an atomic swap?

The term atomic swap is used to describe a swap of a token between different chains/networks without an intermediary. One of the applications of the atomic swap is Orion Bridge. I.e. the user sends a token on ETH and receives it on BSC.

Why can't a user simply execute atomic swaps by sending currencies from their wallet to another wallet?

Blockchains are networks, and each blockchain uses their own network, with specific standards and technologies. Therefore, an ERC-20 native token like ETH for instance cannot simply be sent to a Binance account. The wallet addresses may be incompatible and if a trader simply sends ETH to a Binance wallet account, the funds will be lost forever.

Atomic swaps through bridges like Orion's are necessary to interact with cryptocurrencies from one network to another. A bridge will provide "wrapped" tokens which will allow users to interact with the network using their tokens through the bridge.

Which networks can a user bridge to currently?

On the Orion Bridge, users can access:

  • Binance

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Fantom

  • OKX Chain

As the team expands onto new networks, the list of blockchains users can bridge to will continue to increase, provided more capabilities to users and enhancing their trading experience while staying on Orion.

Learn how to use the Orion Bridge here.

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