Refer & Earn

Unlock Exclusive Rewards

Orion's Refer & Earn program is an exclusive opportunity designed to reward our most dedicated users and influencers for promoting and bringing new users to the Orion platform. By tapping into the power of community engagement and word-of-mouth, this program offers a unique chance to be at the forefront of Orion's growth journey.

VIP & Early Access Privileges

The Refer & Earn program is currently an exclusive privilege for our esteemed VIP community and a select group of early access participants. This exclusivity ensures that those who are genuinely passionate about Orion get a head start in benefiting from the program.

How to Secure Your Spot: If you believe you have what it takes to be part of this select group, here's your chance:

  1. Connect with the Orion DAO on Telegram.

  2. Introduce yourself, share details about your audience if you have one, and explain how you envision using the Refer & Earn program. We're eager to understand your motivations for joining this initiative and how you plan to engage with it, whether for public promotion or testing purposes.

Priority is given to individuals with influential audiences (Key Opinion Leaders) and long-standing Orion supporters, recognizing their potential to significantly amplify our reach and impact. As the program evolves, we are committed to opening up more slots, gradually transitioning towards inclusivity.

Our ultimate goal is to make this opportunity available to the broader public, ensuring that everyone interested in contributing to Orion’s growth and success can participate. However, for the time being, we are maintaining the exclusivity of the program to ensure its effectiveness and manageability.

Seize this chance and be among the privileged few to experience the benefits of the Refer & Earn program firsthand!

Unlock Your Trading Fee Discount

Have you come across an Orion referral link? If you have, we're thrilled to inform you that every trade you make using this link entitles you to a perpetual 10% discount on your trading fees. This isn't a limited-time offer; it's an ongoing commitment aligned with our mission and vision.

Program Details

Orion's Refer & Earn is a multi-tiered system designed to provide significant rewards to our community members while underlining our mission of shared wealth and accessible DeFi trading.

Fee Structure for Traders

  • Trade Types:

    • Non-Stablecoin:

      • Via CEX(s): A fee of 0.28% for non-referred users, reduced to 0.25% for referred users.

      • Via DEX(s): No fee for stablecoin trades, a nominal fee of 0.03% otherwise.

  • User Types:

    • Referred Users: A perpetual 10% discount on these fees.

    • All Other Users: No discount.

Referral Rewards

By referring users to Orion, you can earn rewards based on the trading fees they generate. Here’s how the rewards break down across different referral levels:

Referral LevelRelation to YouPortion of Refer & Earn Fee (0.1%) Paid to You

Level 1

Direct referrals


Level 2

Secondary referrals


Level 3

Tertiary referrals


Level 4

Quaternary referrals


Level 5

Quinary referrals


  • Reward Currency: Rewards are paid in ORN (BEP-20) tokens on the BNB Chain.

  • Real-Time Distribution: Rewards are distributed in real-time as the referred users trade.


You refer your friend, Alice, who then refers Bob, and the chain continues down to the fifth level. Here's how the earnings work assuming the total trading fees generated from each level's trades are $10,000:

  • Alice (Level 1 - Direct Referral): You earn 70% of the 0.1% Refer & Earn fee allocation:

    • Your earning: $10,000 * 0.1% * 70% = $7.00

  • Bob (Level 2 - Referred by Alice): You earn 20% of the 0.1% Refer & Earn fee allocation:

    • Your earning: $10,000 * 0.1% * 20% = $2.00

  • Carol (Level 3 - Referred by Bob): You earn 6.5% of the 0.1% Refer & Earn fee allocation:

    • Your earning: $10,000 * 0.1% * 6.5% = $0.65

  • Dave (Level 4 - Referred by Carol): You earn 2.5% of the 0.1% Refer & Earn fee allocation:

    • Your earning: $10,000 * 0.1% * 2.5% = $0.25

  • Eve (Level 5 - Referred by Dave): You earn 1% of the 0.1% Refer & Earn fee allocation:

    • Your earning: $10,000 * 0.1% * 1% = $0.10

Boosted Rewards

An additional competitive element is introduced through the leaderboard rewards system, offering extra incentives for a limited time.

  • Ranking: Your position on the leaderboard is updated regularly, reflecting the trading volume and ORN holdings.

  • Boosted Rewards: The more active and higher your network's trading volume, the more additional ORN tokens you can earn on top of standard Referral Rewards.

  • Ranking Factors:

    • 70% of your ranking is based on the trading volume (via CEXs) generated by your referral network over the past 14 days, and on any network.

    • 30% of your ranking is based on the number of ORN tokens held in your wallet.

  • Budget: The monthly budget for the leaderboard is variable and is meant as a temporary boost to the standard Refer & Earn rewards.

  • Distribution Frequency: Boosted Rewards are distributed hourly and are claimable on the BNB Chain.

Together, We Grow: The Orion Commitment

Refer & Earn is built with our core values in mind, offering a fair fee structure and a rewarding system for spreading the word. By sharing Orion with others, you help us grow a community that values inclusivity and empowerment.

For those who join us via a referral link, you're doing more than just saving on fees; you're becoming part of a mission to make financial growth accessible to everyone. Our combined efforts are shaping a fair and equitable financial future for all our members.

By working together, we're creating a stronger platform, setting our sights on becoming a leading name in crypto trading. This is the Orion commitment: a promise of shared growth and a dedication to improving the financial landscape for our community.

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