Governance Voting

Exercising Influence through Voting

With your influence established in Orion through veORN, you now have the opportunity to shape the protocol’s path. Governance voting is your platform for making strategic decisions that influence Orion's future.

The Power of Your Vote

Each vote you cast is a powerful directive. Your veORN balance determines the weight of your vote, influencing key decisions in the governance system. The more veORN you have, the stronger your voting power.

How to Participate in Governance Voting

To participate in the governance of Orion:

  1. Connect to the Voting Platform: Begin by connecting your wallet to Orion’s voting dashboard.

  2. Review Voting Options: Examine the list of liquidity pools available for voting.

  3. Cast Your Vote: Allocate your veORN to the proposals or pools you support, thereby influencing the distribution of rewards and strategic direction.

Understanding the Voting Interface

The voting interface is your gateway to participating in governance. It displays:

  • Total veORN in Voting: This shows the combined influence of all participants in the voting process.

  • Your veORN Balance: Your individual voting power based on your veORN.

  • Voting Results: See the real-time impact of the collective voting on Orion’s direction.

Directing the Flow of Resources

Your votes directly impact how Orion allocates its resources. The distribution of rewards and growth trajectories within the protocol are influenced by the collective decisions of veORN holders.

Strategic Considerations in Voting

  • Building Alliances: Collaborate with other members to support mutual goals within Orion.

  • Resource Management: Direct resources strategically for the betterment of the protocol.

  • Long-Term Planning: Vote with a vision for sustainable growth and development of Orion.

A Democratic Governance Model

Orion’s governance operates democratically, where every member's vote contributes to the collective decision-making process. This model steers the protocol into new territories of innovation and growth.

Unity in Decision-Making

Under Governance 2.0, the Orion community unites to form a collective vision for the future. The combined votes of the community ensure that Orion remains a protocol driven by its users.

The Impact of Your Deicions

The governance voting system is a testament to the strength of collaborative decision-making. It's an active, engaging process that shapes not only the present state of Orion but also lays the foundation for future developments.

As a participant in Orion's governance, your decisions and leadership play a crucial role. Your votes are instrumental in determining the course of Orion, echoing throughout the protocol’s ongoing journey.

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