Elevating Your Trading Experience

Orion is dedicated to providing a seamless and economical trading experience for its users. Our distinct fee structure is tailored to accommodate various trading preferences, ensuring transparency and value. In this page, we will explore the details of our fee system, showcasing how it distinguishes itself in the decentralized finance landscape.

Slash your trading fees by an extra 10% by using a referral code from Orion's Refer & Earn program. This not only boosts your trading profits but also helps in promoting Orion’s platform. Trade smarter and save more with Orion!

Zero Fees on DEX Trades

When you trade via decentralized exchanges (DEXs) using Orion, you enjoy a seamless experience with 0% added fees from our end. This means you can access the vast liquidity pools of leading DEXs like Uniswap without any extra costs.

Speaking of Uniswap, they recently increased their fees by 0.15%, highlighting Orion's commitment to providing cost-effective trading solutions. With Orion, you get the best prices, transparently and without any hidden charges.

Market-Leading 0.03% for Stablecoin Swaps via CEXs

Orion offers an unparalleled advantage for users swapping stablecoins via centralized exchanges (CEXs). With a fee as low as 0.03%, we outshine established platforms like Curve, ensuring that your stablecoin trades are both secure and exceptionally cost-effective.

As Low as 0.25% for Other Trades via CEXs

For trades involving assets other than stablecoins via CEXs, Orion provides a highly competitive fee starting at just 0.25%. This rate becomes even more attractive when utilizing a referral code from our Refer & Earn program, allowing you to maximize your trading profits while minimizing costs.

Community-Centric: Up to 40% of Fees Given Back to Users

Orion is community-centric, and we are committed to sharing our success with our users. When a trade is made by someone referred by a member of our community, up to 40% of those fees generated from that specific trade are redistributed to the referral network connected to that user, up to five levels. 70% of that allocation goes to person that directly referred the user. This ensures that as Orion grows and thrives, our users directly benefit from the platform’s success.

Trade TypeVia CEX(s)Via DEX(s)

Stablecoin swaps



All other swaps

as low as 0.25%


Trading with Orion, A Win-Win Scenario

At Orion, we are committed to providing a trading experience that is not just powerful and seamless, but also transparent and cost-effective. Our unique fee structure is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that whether you are trading via DEXs or CEXs, you are getting the best possible deal. With the added bonus of giving back to the community, trading on Orion is truly a win-win scenario. Join us, and experience the future of trading today.

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