Ultra Fast, Seamless & Secure Cross-Chain Transfers

For the first time ever, Orion Bridge enables users to trade popular assets across different blockchains without limits, delays, refused orders, blocked funds, or exploits. Orion Bridge has been integrated into Orion Terminal's backend and will enable true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation, for the first time. Only on Orion Terminal.

Removing the Boundaries Between Blockchains

The first truly decentralized cross-chain bridge, Orion Bridge enables users to trade popular assets across different blockchains without delays, refused orders, and blocked funds – eliminating the issues associated with other bridges in market.

In its first iteration, Orion Bridge has been enabled between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with more blockchains to be integrated shortly.

True Cross-Chain, Cross-Exchange Trading

The landscape of blockchain bridges is constantly evolving, with new solutions emerging regularly. However, the true potential of cross-chain trading remains untapped until these bridges are fully integrated into the backend systems of trading platforms. The era of isolated access to different exchanges and blockchains is coming to an end thanks to Orion.

Consider an exchange like KuCoin, which currently does not support deposits or withdrawals on the BNB Chain. With the Orion Bridge fully integrated into the Orion Terminal, users can now engage in decentralized trading of ERC20 assets from KuCoin’s ultra liquid order books while being connected to the BNB Chain – thereby allowing for almost instantaneous and virtually feeless transactions of ERC20 assets.

How Does It Work?

  1. Users connect their wallet to the Orion Terminal on the BNB Chain.

  2. They place an order for an ERC20 asset.

  3. The aggregator routes the order through a centralized exchange (CEX).

  4. A broker executes the order on the CEX.

  5. The broker generates a counter order from their balance.

  6. The aggregator facilitates a trade to adjust the client's balance.

  7. The broker withdraws the received assets from the automatically selected CEX.

  8. The user receives the asset, incurring only BNB fees in the process.

Underpinned by Three Core Technologies

  • Atomic Swaps: Atomic swaps are automatic exchange contracts that allow two parties to trade tokens from two different blockchains. While a well-known concept in the community, they are implemented in a small number of projects. Until now. Atomic swaps enable immediate exchange of two assets on different blockchains, without wrapped assets or delays.

  • P2P Network: Peer-to-peer ("P2P") technology enables true decentralization: the direct exchange of an asset between individual parties without the involvement of a central authority. Unlike other bridges dependent on centralized entities and validators, users swap with only one counterparty - our brokers. This eliminates the risk of 51% attacks and other vulnerabilities seen across leading bridges.

  • Broker Network: Orion's Broker Network underpins the entire ecosystem, and Orion Bridge is no different. Orion Brokers are always online via Orion Broker Software, so users never need to 'seek' a counterparty for exchange. These brokers (including KuCoin, AscendEX, and more) enable immediate cross-chain trading of assets, without limits, delays, refused orders, or blocked funds. Click here, for a deep dive on the Orion Bridge.

Orion Bridge vs. The Rest: A Comprehensive Comparison


Integrated in DEX: Orion Bridge has been integrated into Orion Terminal's backend, enabling true cross-chain, cross-exchange liquidity aggregation – and near zero fee trading of popular ERC-20 assets

No integration on a DEX

No integration on a DEX

No integration on a DEX

Deposit & withdrawal time: instant

Tokens are available for trading right within seconds.

Deposit time: ~20 mins Withdrawal time: 1 week challenge period

Deposit time: ~10 mins Withdrawal time: ~3 hrs to Ethereum

Deposit & withdrawal time: ~10-30 mins

Zero fees Only 2x low-cost network transactions: ~1x ERC-20 transfer + ~1x on destination chain similar to 3x ERC-20 transfers

Expensive network transactions: more than 500k gas

4x network transactions: Deposit: 1x ERC-20 transfer + 1x ~3x ERC-20 transfers Withdrawal: 2x ~5x ERC-20 transfers

0.1% fee for withdrawal Min. $80 to ETH Minimum withdrawal: $50 or $200 ETH + network fees

Ultimate security thanks to peer-to-peer network: swap with one counterparty without relying on validators or L2 nodes Atomic swap: tokens are only transferred on the destination network when source tokens are received Native token swap: no wrapping

Not peer-to-peer Semi-decentralized: relies on a single sequencer by the Optimism team + verifiers Risky: risk of incorrect transactions, losing deposit + penalties

Not peer-to-peer Risky PoS security: provided by validators, therefore a vulnerability risk

Not peer-to-peer Semi-decentralized: relies on 33 dedicated node validators Pools: requires liquidity pools Wrapped tokens Recently exploited

Orion Bridge Smart Contracts

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