Non-custodial wallets

Orion's non-custodial features

To achieve true decentralization, Orion allows users to connect to its platform through a non-custodial wallet.

Access DeFi with a single connection

By connecting to Orion, users can access all of the integrated platforms with their custodial wallet. Users can also access CEX liquidity without needing to create an account on each respective account. Simply connect to Orion and access CEXs order books and DEXs liquidity pools.

How can users bypass account creation on CEXs?

Orion, thanks to its Aggregator technology, becomes somewhat of an "order delegator". A user will create an order on the Decentralized Orion Exchange, which is then converted into an order readable in order book form. The Aggregator then takes this order and sends offers for different brokers (i.e. integrated platforms) to take on. Brokers are therefore interacting with the Aggregator rather than individual users, therefore allowing users to tap into deep liquidity on one platform.

Is Orion a mixer?

No. Just because users and exchanges interact with a medium (the Aggregator) does not mean Orion hides identities or transactions. Each order shows which address has generated the order, which platform completed the order and how much was exchanged. All of this information is viewable on the blockchain through block explorers. All transaction information is public, viewable and verifiable.

The benefits of non-custodial wallets

The goal of DeFi and decentralization is to give more power to the user. Non-custodial wallets are a direct representation to that power, taking away asset custody and therefore control out of centralized authorities.

The benefits of using non-custodial wallets is manyfold:

  • You do not rely on a specific network or platform to execute trades. If a protocol, CEX or pool becomes inaccessible because of downtime or exploit, you can still trade on Orion with other available platforms

  • You are in control of your own funds. Orion cannot lock your funds elsewhere for you, it cannot deny you access to your assets nor can it control how you use your currencies.

  • You are even sheltered from Orion's frontend network risks. While extremely unlikely, even if Orion's Trading Terminal were to go down, the Brokers' Network and the smart contracts would keep running on the blockchain, allowing you to partake into trading regardless from Orion's liquidity and brokerage.

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