Unleash the Power of Liquidity

Orion Pools, built on the robust Uniswap V2 model, offers a decentralized platform where anyone can contribute to liquidity pools, create new pools, and even add logos to personalize their experience. This democratized approach ensures a vibrant and active trading environment.

Empowering Users: Create, Contribute, and Customize

With Orion Pools, the power is in your hands. Whether you want to create a new pool, add liquidity to an existing one, or personalize your pool with a unique logo, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Dive into our extensive list of over 50 pools here and discover how you can become an integral part of the Orion ecosystem.

A Quick Guide to Creating a New Pool

  1. Navigate to Orion Pools.

  2. Hit “Add Pool” and introduce your token. Choose from existing tokens or add a new one by pasting the token address.

  3. For optimal functionality, pair your asset with USDT. This ensures integration across all Orion platforms.

  4. If adding a new token, upload its icon.

  5. Confirm the creation of your new pool by signing and sending the transaction.

  6. Add liquidity and save the pool address for future reference.

  7. Approve the tokens and complete the liquidity addition process.

  8. Your pool is now under review to be added to the Orion Terminal.

Contributing to an Existing Pool

  1. Select your preferred pool and choose "Add liquidity & get LP".

  2. Input the amount of assets you wish to contribute.

  3. Confirm and approve the transaction in your wallet.

  4. Congratulations! You are now earning 0.3% on pool fees.

Rewards and Benefits: Why Contribute?

By providing liquidity, you play a crucial role in facilitating seamless trading on the platform. In return, you are rewarded with a share of the transaction fees generated by the pool, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Orion Pools not only offers a chance to earn but also empowers you to be a part of a larger trading ecosystem.

Enhanced Liquidity Farming

Orion Pools are evolving with a new liquidity farming mechanism designed to incentivize long-term participation and reward contributors more dynamically. This update, inspired by proven DeFi models, introduces a boosting system that maximizes the rewards for liquidity providers (LPs) based on their staked duration and veORN balance.

Understanding the Farming and Boosting of v2 Pools

As a liquidity provider, you can stake LP tokens in the farming process and receive rewards if the pool is allocated a portion of the overall rewards. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new system:

  • Maximum Lock Duration: The maximum duration for a lock providing a 2x boost is set to 2 years.

  • Lock Duration Extension: Users can choose to extend the lock duration to increase their reward boost.

  • Additional LP Contributions: Adding more LP tokens is possible without changing the existing lock time.

  • Reward Accumulation: Users accumulate rewards every second based on their share of boosted LP in the pool relative to the total boosted LP of that pool.

The Boosting Formulas

The rewards system is governed by a formula that calculates boosted LP tokens:


The boost factor is determined by:

BoostVeORN=2×currentVeORNtotalVeORN×totalRewardcurrentPoolReward×totalLiquiditycurrentLiquidity \text{BoostVeORN} = 2 \times \frac{\text{currentVeORN}}{\text{totalVeORN}} \times \frac{\text{totalReward}}{\text{currentPoolReward}} \times \frac{\text{totalLiquidity}}{\text{currentLiquidity}}

BoostStaking=2×lock_period_days2365\text{BoostStaking} = 2 \times \frac{\text{lock\_period\_days}}{2*{365}}

Boost=1+BoostVeORN+BoostStaking\text{Boost} = 1 + \text{BoostVeORN} + \text{BoostStaking}


  • currentVeORN: Average user balance in veORN (from the time of staking to the current time).

  • totalVeORN: Average total veORN supply (from the time of staking to the current time).

  • totalReward: Total sum of rewards for all pools over all time.

  • currentPoolReward: Sum of rewards for the pool over all time.

  • totalLiquidity: Sum of all stakes in the pool.

  • currentLiquidity: Sum of the user’s stake in the pool.

The boost ranges from 1 (no boost) to 5 (maximum boost).

Transitioning to the New System

  • On December 4th, rewards under Governance 1.0 and the old farming system stopped.

  • A complete public announcement detailed the steps for restaking ORN for Governance 2.0 and LP tokens for the new liquidity farming, with an emphasis on pools containing ORN.

  • From December 5th, rewards in the new governance and liquidity staking began, focusing on enhancing the protocol’s growth and sustainability.

Your Gateway to Decentralized Trading

Orion Pools stands out as a beacon of innovation and user empowerment in the decentralized trading space. With its Uniswap V2-based architecture, user-friendly interface, and rewarding system, it offers a unique and lucrative opportunity for traders and liquidity providers alike. Dive in, contribute, and become a part of the future of trading with Orion Pools.

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